Thank You!

Thank You!

(We’re so excited for you!)

This is an amazing first step you have made, and we are so pleased that you have chosen us to help you on your journey towards parenthood.

Here’s what will happen next:

Even as you are reading this, we are busy contacting fertility clinics in your chosen country/countries.

Usually, you’ll find that you will be contacted quite quickly.

But sometimes, due to time differences, national holidays, extra busy times etc, it may take a little longer.

So try to be patient (we understand it’s not easy with something as important as this!)

While you are waiting…

…can I suggest that you take the time to think of all the questions you would like to ask?

Something else to bear in mind. If you are happy with everything the clinic explains to you, and the lower price does indeed make treatment affordable for you, may I encourage you to go for it!

Every day’s delay reduces your chances of a successful outcome, so if IVF treatment abroad does finally make if possible for you to start a family, act now!

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