Surrogacy Abroad – What Are Your Options?

Unfortunately, things don’t always turn out the way you’ve planned and having a baby can turn out to be a challenge for a number of reasons.

Don’t lose hope!

Rather than giving up on one of the greatest joys you can experience, you do have several options that may be able to help you. Surrogacy abroad is one of them, and it has offered a practical and fulfilling solution to couples and single parents in different parts of the world.

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Surrogacy is not uncommon, but it is a process that often gets embroiled in the laws and regulations of a particular state.

It can also be quite an expensive process to go through in many countries.

If you don’t have financial support to go through surrogacy, it can feel like you are being denied one of the biggest joys of life.

Not having financial support to go through surrogacy should not be the reason to deprive you of the pleasure and experience of being a parent.

Thankfully for you, and countless other couples around the world, surrogacy abroad offers a perfect solution

More affordable than you think

There are several reasons surrogacy overseas makes perfect sense for couples and individuals in countries like America and the UK where costs for the procedure are very high.

On the one hand, surrogacy in several countries in Asia or say Eastern Europe costs a fraction of the price.

Another reason why surrogacy procedures in these countries should be considered is the fact that you shouldn’t be getting into any kind of legal hassle. Such procedures in most of these countries are carried out using above board practices, which puts to rest one of the concerns many parents-to-be tend to have.

There have been many unforeseen and unfortunate instances in the past when couples have started the surrogacy process but have failed to see it through completion because the surrogate refused to part with the baby at the end of it.

These things happen and there is not much one can do about them. However, rarely do those who have gone down the surrogacy abroad route encounter such tricky issues. They know that when they have invested in the baby they have been longing for; not just financially but emotionally as well, they will not be disappointed at the end of the day.

Strong ethical code

Today surrogacy overseas is an option that has been chosen by thousands of couples both heterosexual and gay, all over the world. The initial doubts about the ethics involved in such procedures have now been put to rest.

People have realized that surrogates in these countries are well looked after and get all the care and nurturing they need during their pregnancy.

Also the countries where these procedures take place have all the state of the art amenities and facilities to ensure that the procedure goes through smoothly and without any hiccups.

This means that you don’t have to be too concerned about this surrogacy option that can be a life changing decision for you.

More Choices for You

When you choose the route of surrogacy you have many options in front of you.

If the biological mother is not able to carry a baby for some reason, then there’s the option of using a mother’s egg and a father’s sperm for surrogacy. If the egg quality of the mother is in question then surrogacy can be carried out using father’s sperm and donor’s egg.

Similarly a donor’s sperm can be used in case there was any issue with the biological father’s sperm.

If you don’t want the carrier of the baby to have any biological link with the child, you can opt to have a donor sperm and donor egg for the surrogacy procedure.

As the future parent it’s entirely up to you to choose one of these many options in front of you. Of course you need to consult with the doctors who are carrying out these procedures for you to be able to arrive at the right decision.

There’s only so much research you can do about surrogacy abroad; so it’s a good idea to ask as many questions of the doctors as you’d want to before making your mind up.

Today you can find many dedicated clinics that offer you guidance through the process.

You’ll greatly benefit from their experience in the field and the sensitivity with which they are known to interact with people in similar situations as you. Anyone who has been yearning for a child; be it a gay couple, a heterosexual one or a single parent, shouldn’t be deprived of the great joy of being a parent.

If you are facing a roadblock in your dream of becoming a parent, surrogacy abroad can make it come true.

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