Popular Locations for IVF Abroad

So, which are the top countries for IVF Tourism?

What are the Best Countries for Fertility Treatment Overseas?

We’ve researched both reputation and prices in IVF clinics in countries in Europe, Asia, South America, the Middle East and South Africa, to find you the lowest prices for top-quality IVF and Fertility Treatment!

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If you live in the US, Canada, UK or Republic of Ireland, Australia or New Zealand, or any country in Western Europe, I’m certain that you’ll be able to reduce the costs of fertility treatment enough to make traveling overseas EXTREMELY worthwhile.

Many other nationalities will also be able to make some very good savings.

But choosing where you’ll get fertility treatment is not just about saving money, it’s about giving yourself the best chance of success.

The thing with fertility treatment is that governments in different countries have different views on what procedures should be permitted, as well as which should not be allowed.

For me, the great advantage of medical tourism is that you get to choose which regulations should apply to you.

So, where one country will have an age limit on fertility treatment, or another will have a ban on egg donation, or a restriction on treatment to help same-sex couples have a child, another country will have more liberal attitudes!

That’s essentially what we do. We help you find the right clinic, in the right country, with treatment at the right price.

IVF in Barbados

IVF in Barbados

One of our favorite destinations for fertility treatment (and ideal for Americans & Canadians who want affordable and personalized treatment in a country not too far away!)

A beautiful location, excellent success rates, JCUI accredited

…& a passionate, caring, English-speaking team.

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IVF in Mexico

IVF in Mexico

Our most popular destination for US and Canadian patients!

A fascinating country to visit, plus fertility treatment costs around one-quarter of what you’d probably find yourself paying in the US.

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IVF Turkey

IVF in Turkey

Jinemed Hospital in the wonderful city of Istanbul.

Treating infertility since 1989. (Performs over a thousand IVF cycles each year)

Has its own andrology lab

NOTE: egg donation & sperm donation are not permitted in Turkey, and same-sex couples and single women also cannot be treated.

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IVF Greece

IVF in Greece

In the historical city of AthensOne of the most well-established fertility clinics in the world!

Helping couples start their families for 35 years! (IVF has only been available as a technology for 36 years…)

All physicians are U.S. Board Certified

Over 30,000 of live births through IVF procedures at this clinic

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IVF India

IVF in India

There’s no question that India is one of the world’s favorite destinations for medical tourism.

With extremely advanced hospitals, combined with prices up to 70% cheaper, it’s one of our most popular countries for treatment.

It’s also one of very few countries in the world that permit surrogacy.

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IVF Thailand

IVF in Thailand

Introducing the Bumrungrad Hospital, one of the biggest and most advanced hospitals in the world.

A great destination for fertility tourism, and a firm favorite with all nationalities

We’re seeing a particularly big increase of Australian visitors, since it’s much more affordable.

Thailand is one of the few countries that permit gender selection, making it particularly popular with couples interested in family balancing.

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IVF Cyprus

IVF in Cyprus

Discover the IVF Center of North Cyprus!

If starting your family in a wonderful Mediterranean location appeals to you, then this is a superb choice.

Since 1995, this clinic has been very popular with medical tourists, especially from UK and Germany, who can expect to easily save half the price of treatment. (US citizens will find the cost just one-quarter of what they’d pay in the States…)

Don’t worry about waiting lists – even for egg donation. It’s simply not a problem here!

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IVF Abroad – The Americas

Various countries in South & Central American come to mind for medical tourism, but the most popular ones for IVF seem to be Mexico, Panama, Argentina and Columbia. All of these countries have potential to save you a great deal of money on IVF treatment, while offering the levels of quality and skill you would expect at home.

Canada can also offer substantial savings for US citizens, who frequently cross the border for IVF fertility treatment at a lower price.

IVF Abroad – Asia

Several Asian countries have long had an incredible reputation for medical tourism. Of these, easily the most popular for IVF treatment abroad are India, Singapore, Malaysia, and Thailand. However, there are now less-popular destinations for IVF abroad, such as South Korea, which are just as good, but less established at the moment, so they can be even cheaper.

IVF Abroad – Africa & Middle East

Not traditionally associated with medical tourism, the Middle East has developed some excellent fertility clinics, and Dubai now has a particularly high reputation as a destination for IVF treatment abroad. Israel also has some superb clinics that can provide the same level of care and expertise in IVF technologies at a much lower price.

South Africa has some excellent fertility clinics, so a substantial amount of money can be saved on the price of IVF treatment.

IVF Abroad – Europe

The entry of the former members of the USSR into the EU has resulted in many far more affordable destinations for IVF abroad. New EU countries such as the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Latvia are all far cheaper for IVF treatment. US citizens often find they can make big savings on IVF fertility treatment in the older members of the EU, such as the UK, Germany, France, Greece, Cyprus, Spain and Belgium.

How Much Cheaper is IVF Treatment Abroad?

How much cheaper IVF abroad will be depends on where you live.

If you live in the US, it is unfortunately the case that wherever you go in the world will be cheaper for IVF treatment.

So your decision to research IVF abroad in cheaper countries is a wise one, as you will almost certainly be able to make the treatment much more affordable!

For example, if you get IVF Treatment in the US, you can expect to pay $16,000. The same treatment would cost you around $3,250 if you were to get it performed abroad in India, a cheaper price by over 70%!

Even going to the comparatively expensive UK and Canada for IVF should save you between $4500 and $6000.

Similarly, IVF with Egg Donation typically costs $35,000 in the US, but abroad in the Czech Republic can only cost $6,700, a saving of around 80%.

IVF, Egg Donation and Surrogacy offers some truly massive savings, and getting IVF, Egg Donation and Surrogacy in some countries could save you more than 90% of the US price!

Some Other Destinations that May Interest You…

(Note: We don’t have any connections with any clinics in these countries – we provide this information just for your convenience, but are unable to provide any introductions for you. I’ve found that it is simply more helpful to have a core list of fertility treatment providers who we can actually recommend and vouch for. Rather than become a directory service…)

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