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If you are looking to get IVF treatment and surrogacy in India, it is no longer impossible to bring your own frozen embryos with you.

Up until now, if you were looking to get fertility treatment in India, it was illegal to bring your own frozen embryos.

You could, however, get treatment in India, complete the delivery with a surrogate, and take any extra frozen embryos back home with you, which has always felt illogical!

As reported today in the Times of India, the Commerce Ministry has issued a notification that the import of human embryo will now be permitted, subject to a no-objection certificate from the Indian Council for Medical Research (ICMR).

In the past, the restrictions have created a great deal of extra documentation needed by couples, and also made it necessary for couple to plan many extra holidays to manage treatment.

Naturally, the change will also lead to a possibility that the embryo that a couple brings with them does not actually belong to them, so to avoid any abuse of the system, documentation will need to be very strict.

Nonetheless, a very welcome change in Indian law!