Find the Very Best IVF Clinics in Istanbul, Turkey!

Fertility Treatment in Turkey

Here, in the beautiful Mediterranean destination of Turkey!

English-Speaking Doctors & Medical Team

Infertility Specialists since 1989

Talented, Experienced American and European Board certified Doctors

…NO frustrating waiting lists

ALL the modern procedures – ICSI, Artificial Insemination, IVF, Egg Freezing & Ovarian Cortex Freezing

Top-quality care, professional service, availability of all techniques at lower costs

The Jinemed Hospital has been treating infertile couples since 1989, when it was founded by Professor Dr Teksen Camlibel FACOG ( Fellow American College of Obstetrics & Gynecology )

Professor Dr Teksen Camlibel is an extremely well-known physician with practice experience of 12 years in the USA and 22 years in Turkey.

Together, with his team of American and European educated physicians, and
best trained Turkish doctors, they have grown, and grown the reputation of the Jinemed.

So much so that it has become known as the top OB/GYN clinic in Turkey.

(Imagine how much it would cost you to get treated at the very best fertility clinic in your own country! It would cost you many times as much!)

Jinemed Hospital does over a thousand IVF cycles each year with great success rates.

Unlike most clinics and infertility hospitals, Jinemed also has its own andrology lab for male infertility and performing procedures like TESE ( testicular biopsy).

They can also perform ovarian cortex freezing and egg freezing procedures – the newest, experimental techniques in the world of infertility to fight the premature menopause.

Which Fertility Treatments CAN’T be performed in Turkey?

You do need to know that same-sex couples and singles will not be eligible for treatment.

Also, egg donation, and sperm donation are NOT an option in Turkey.

This is due to the following regulation:

“Spouses will only be able to receive cells belonging to each other. Using a donor in any [other] way is prohibited.” If a center in Turkey performs an operation using a sperm or egg donation taken from a member of an unmarried couple, or transplants an embryo, the facility will be closed indefinitely and all personnel working there will likewise be barred from working at similar centers…”

You can find out more about this regulation here

Most of our other destinations are able to offer egg donation and sperm donation, but if you need these, Turkey won’t be a suitable country for you to get treatment. Nearby countries that will be able to help with these are Cyprus and Greece.

Surrogacy is not allowed – like most of our destinations, surrogacy is not possible. (India will be your most suitable choice if you need surrogacy.)

Likewise, Gender Selection is not permitted, except where PGD determines that one gender would have a disproportionate chance of genetic illness.

With that said, Turkey is one of our absolute favorite fertility tourism destinations.

Turkey has much to offer for the medical tourist, with board-certified staff, cutting edge facilities and equipment, and partnerships with some of the best clinics worldwide; yet prices are typically a fraction of what is routinely charged elsewhere.

Don’t just take our word for it – why not read some actual patient reviews here…

In 2008, over 200,000 medical tourists flocked to Turkey, to take advantage of the cheaper prices, a great many of them for IVF and other fertility treatments. This is a number that has been increasing by around 40% each year.

Turkey is keen to maintain this steady growth, and has made great efforts to keep it as simple for you as possible!

If you come from the UK or another European country, you’ll generally save around half the price that you’d have spent in your own country.

For US citizens, the savings are even greater, and you’ll most likely save two-thirds of the US price. And this in Turkey’s most well-respected fertility clinic!

In addition to the superb level of treatment you can expect if you choose to get IVF here, Turkey makes an ideal holiday in its own right. Hugely varied, with an incredible amount of history, and a rich and vibrant culture.

Key tourist attractions that you may like to enjoy while visiting are the Hagia Sophia, one of the New Seven Wonders of the World, and Istanbul’s most famous landmark; the Sultan Ahmed Mosque, popularly known as the Blue Mosque of Istanbul; Pamukkale, with its incredible white calcium formations that gave it its Turkish name, meaning “cotton castle”; Cappadocia, with its strange, other-worldly appearance (Cappadocia is a volcanic, lava-covered plain, into which have been carved cities and countless underground dwellings); and the Grand Bazaar of Istanbul, one of the oldest, and largest, covered markets in the world.

The team tried paragliding at Oludeniz on the Southwest coast, jumping from the 1,969 metre high Mount Babadag, and landing literally on the beach, an incredible experience.

Don’t forget to get a traditional Turkish steam bath, or for the man, a traditional “wet shave” at one of the many Turkish barbers.

Personally, I am a big fan of Turkish cuisine (delicious fish, kebabs, amazing cakes and desserts, and of course famous Turkish Coffee). I’ve also found some great Turkish wines. Turkish wines seem to have been disgracefully overlooked, and as a nation, Turkey, to its shame, has really just not done enough to promote them. But this does work to the customer’s benefit…

No shortage of things to do, then!

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Useful Facts About Turkey for the Prospective Medical Tourist

Currency: Turkish Lira (TL)

Language(s): Turkish(official), Kurdish

Population: 73,639,596 (source: World Bank)

Visa Requirements: On arrival purchase 30 day or 90 day visa, depending on nationality. (Find out about e-visas here)

Capital City: Ankara

Area: 783,600 km²

Dialling Code: 90

Government: Parliamentary Republic

Major Airports: Ataturk International Airport (IST), Esenboga Airport (ESB)

Time Zone: UTC/GMT +2

Electricity: 230 volts 50 Hz