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Who could resist the idea of saving around 70% on the price of IVF Treatment, while actually going to India?

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Medical Tourism is a constantly growing sector in India, with many people finding irresistible the combination of affordable IVF Fertility Treatment and the holiday of a life-time!

IVF in India! I’m sure nobody needs us to describe the many wonders of India; India is one of those countries that feels for many of us as though we already know it! We can imagine India without ever having gone there; the colours, the smells, the bustle of the market places, the heat, the sounds. Not to mention the staggering number of Heritage sites, unspoilt beaches, the famous train journeys, the wild-life, and the spirituality that is still always present there.

However. that doesn’t detract from us wanting to go there and experience India, first-hand, and see if our preconceived ideas are correct. And everyone comes back with a feeling that their eyes have been truly, finally, opened…

So who can resist the idea of saving around 70% on the price of IVF Treatment, while actually going to India?

If you are wondering whether, by saving so much money on IVF Treatment, you are in some way sacrificing the quality of care you would expect at home, think again! The lower prices you can expect for IVF in India are due to the far lower cost of living, combined with the lower infrastructure costs, that enable India’s Top IVF Doctors and Fertility Specialists to set up a state-of-the-art Fertility Clinic much cheaper than their counterparts in the West.

And, make no mistake, India’s Fertility Clinics and IVF specialists are amongst the best in the world, and have been for some time! It is for this reason that India probably gets more medical tourism than any other country, with the income from this sector expected to reach $2 billion in the next couple of years.

India finds herself at the forefront of fertility treatment. If you were to be considering, for instance, IVF with laser assisted hatching, there are few countries with more highly-skilled specialists than India. India has the latest medical technologies, particularly the city of Chennai, which is regarded as the Health-Care Capital of India.

As always, if you are organising IVF in India by yourself, you should make sure that you have done a reasonable amount of research. Otherwise, the best way to organise your IVF Treatment is through an agent or referral service, as they will have vetted the Fertility Clinics for you.

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Useful Facts About India for the Prospective Medical Tourist

Currency: Indian rupee (INR)

Official Languages: Hindi Language, English Language

Population: 1,241,491,960 (source: World Bank)

Visa Requirements: Visa must be prearranged. One Year Medical Visa is a possibility for the medical tourist.

Capital City: New Delhi

Area: 3,287,000 km²

Dialling Code: 91

Government: Constitutional Republic

Major Airports: Deli: Indira Gandhi Intl (DEL), Mumbai: Chattrapathi Shivaji Intl (BOM), Bangalore: Bengaluru Intl (BLR)

Time Zone: UTC/GMT +5:30

Electricity: 230 volts 50 Hz