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IVF in Greece

Introducing…the Gynecologic Center for Reproduction and Genetics, Athens!

Fertility Clinics in Greece are among the cheapest in Europe…but you wouldn’t think so, from what this center has to offer.

Success Rates to rival anywhere in the world…

all of the treatments you would hope for, like Egg Donation, ICSI, Artificial Insemination, PGD

…but with less restrictions

…and WITHOUT the waiting lists.

We Hand-Pick the Best Clinics Around the World…

…Because we know that while you want to avoid paying a King’s Ransom for treatment, you still want the very best there is.

The clinic we have chosen to recommend in Greece has impeccable pedigree, and I’m sure when you read what it has to offer, you’ll agree that you couldn’t wish for more.

35 years of experience in the field of Assisted Reproduction (To put that into context, the first IVF baby, Louise Brown, was only born 36 years ago.)

Over 30,000 of live births through IVF procedures at this clinic, so you can be confident of being in the very best of hands.

• The only center in Greece (and one of the few in Europe) that perform the PGD (Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis) in their own lab. A very unique level of technology on-site.

All physicians are U.S. Board Certified. (No other centers in Greece perform to such a high level.)

The largest medical research center in Europe.

No-hassle Pick up from the airport and drop off

Hospital and doctor’s appointment, initial evaluation and normal postoperative survey by their physicians

A personal SKYPE consultation with the doctor before arrival; if you are like most patients, you’ll find this really helpful.

Translation services assuming your Greek is not too fluent!! (normal hours at the doctors’ presence)

Nutrition & dietetics as well as physiotherapy and check-up at hotel on demand (at a low cost). Everything has been thought of.

Your tourist arrangements taken care of for you – from hotel bookings close to the hospital, trips to domestic destinations like Aegean or Ionian Islands, daily excursions or even a full vacation schedule can be arranged.

While you are there…(Honestly, where better for IVF treatment than Greece?)

Greece has a beautiful climate, beautiful beaches, beautiful scenery, not to mention the wealth of archaeological and historical sites.

Greece truly is one of the most stunning of all European countries, hilly, mountainous, and made up of literally thousands of islands. There is no country which can boast so much beach and coast land per square mile.

The history of Greece, though already well-known, really comes alive when you actually set foot in the lands where civilisation in many ways began. To stand near the Acropolis is an experience that is never forgotten, once experienced.

As it is a country that most people have a wish to visit at least once in their life, Greece makes quite an obvious choice for IVF abroad. You can take in all the sights, relax on the beaches, get your cosmetic work done, and then, probably, relax on the beaches some more!

Prices for IVF treatment really are markedly lower in Greece than many other countries in the EU. IVF, Surrogacy, and Egg Donation in Greece are all around half the price that a UK resident would expect to pay at home.

The lower prices are due to a lower cost of living in Greece; however Greece has many superb IVF specialists so you can be assured that saving money on fertility treatment does not mean sacrificing on the results of the IVF. And if you arrange IVF through us, you can be certain that you really are getting access to the best Greece has to offer.

(If you are organising IVF abroad in Greece by yourself, you should make sure that you have done a reasonable amount of research. Otherwise, the best way to organise your fertility treatment is through an agent or referral service, like us, as they will have vetted the IVF Clinics for you.)

Compare the costs for all Fertility Treatments, from different Medical Tourism Destinations, World-Wide, and get the best price for IVF!

Useful Facts About Greece for the Prospective Medical Tourist

Currency: Euro

Language(s): Greek

Population: 11,304,000 (source: World Bank)

Visa Requirements: EU visitors, US, Canadian, Australian and Japanese visitors do not currently require a visa.

Capital City: Athens

Area: 132,000 km²

Dialling Code: 30

Government: Parliamentary republic

Major Airports: Athens (ATH), Corfu (CFU), Heraklion – Crete (HER), Rhodes (RHO), KOS (KGS)

Time Zone: UTC/GMT +2

Electricity: 220 Volts 50 Hz

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