Affordable IVF in Cyprus – High Success Rates, Low Costs in a Beautiful Mediterranean Destination

Fertility Treatment in North Cyprus

Fertility treatment cheaper by as much as 70%!

At excellent clinics & hospitals

No Waiting Lists…even for Egg Donation

Years of experience treating overseas patients

All the treatments you could need, including IVF with Egg Donation, Sperm Donation, ICSI, Egg Freezing & PGD

ICSI included in treatment for all patients (at no extra cost)

IVF in Cyprus is a far more affordable option than getting treated in the US – in fact it is around one quarter of the US price.

(It is also less than half the price of treatment in the UK, Ireland, Canada, Australia or New Zealand.)

But, even more importantly, Cyprus has excellent fertility centers and hospitals offering all the infertility treatments you are likely to need.

Introducing…The IVF Center of North Cyprus

We are able to introduce you to an excellent, modern clinic in the Capital of Cyprus, Nicosia.

It was founded in 1995, and performs around 600 IVF cycles per year, many of them for overseas patients, and especially from the UK and Germany.

Here you’ll be able to get low-cost care while letting the stresses of treatment melt-away in a wonderful Mediterranean location.

From cytoplasmic transfer to egg donation, we can help you arrange everything in Cyprus at a lower price.

(NB Currently we are not able to help with surrogacy in Cyprus, but we are happy to help you to arrange it in India. All other treatments and therapies can be easily arranged for you at clinics right here in Cyprus!)

No Frustrating Waiting Lists

There are no waiting lists for donor egg, donor sperm, or donor embryos.

This is because it is allowed for hospitals and clinics in Cyprus to reimburse donors for their generosity.

Where many countries have a chronic shortage of egg donors and sperm donors, it is not a problem in Cyprus.

So the waiting lists of months (or even years) that you’d perhaps expect in your country are simply not an issue here!

ICSI Included as Standard

While virtually all other clinics charge extra for ICSI, the IVF Center of North Cyprus includes it for no extra cost.

ICSI procedures are getting more and more popular, improving the chance of pregnancy.

This is because it removes the chance of the sperm not fertilizing the egg.

But at the IVF Center of North Cyprus, ICSI is used routinely, increasing pregnancy rates. And as we say, unlike other clinics in the western world, there is no surcharge for ICSI at this clinic.

Again, where Blastocyst transfer is necessary, it’s done for no additional cost.

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Useful Information for the Prospective Medical Tourist

Currency: Euro

Language(s): Greek, Turkish

(The clinic is based in North Cyprus – still part of the Republic of Cyprus, but there are some interesting politics you can read about here if you’re curious…)

Population: 1.129 million (source: World Bank)

Visa Requirements: Visa not needed for many nationalities for a stay of up to 90 days. These nationalities will require a visa…

Capital City: Nicosia

Area: 9,250 km²

Dialling Code: 357

Government: Constitutional republic

Major Airports: Larnaca International Airport (LCA)

Time Zone: UTC+02:00, UTC+03:00

Electricity: 240V / 50 Hz

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