IVF in Barbados

Barbados Fertility Centre

Introducing the Barbados Fertility Centre!

Save up to 66% of the cost of fertility treatment…

At a JCUI accredited clinic…with well above-average success rates

…and a uniquely-personalized approach & caring, English-Speaking Staff.

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 Why Choose Barbados?

• JCUI accredited clinic, giving you peace-of-mind that you’ll be receiving the highest standards of patient care.

• Excellent Success Rates. In fact, the success rate for 2013 was 60.1% (rated using standards from the USA and UK.)

• Sex determination if for sex-linked chromosomal abnormalities, giving your child the best start. (Gender Selection for social reasons, such as “family balancing” is not possible for legal reasons.)

• Patient counselling and support from our Clinical Psychologist, because we understand how difficult and stressful the experience can be for couples.

• Relaxing treatments at on-site Life Wellness Centre  – acupuncture, massage and reflexology to name a few. (It’s not proven to improve your chances of success, but it certainly doesn’t hurt to relax and be pampered a little!)

• A Patient Liaison Coordinator on-hand to help with all international travelling patients, queries, and information.

• Five Different Holiday Packages, to suit your budget and preferences, meaning if you want, every detail of your travel can be taken care of for you: flights, hotel, and transportation.

• In spite of the amazing level of care (check out some of the patient reviews…) and attention to detail, the prices remain very cost effective for you!

Useful Facts About Barbados for the Prospective Medical Tourist

Currency: Barbadian dollar

Official Language: English

Population: 283,221 (source: World Bank)

Visa Requirements: Most countries currently do not require a visa. A multiple-entry visa, presently US$60 may be necessary.

Capital City: Bridgetown

Area: 431 km²

Dialling Code: 246

Government: Constitutional monarchy

Main Airports: Grantley Adams International Airport

Time Zones: UTC−04:00