About IVF and Artificial Insemination

In Vitro Fertilization is a last resort in the case of infertility or related issues.

Infertility can feel like a very serious problem, and whether it is the male or female in the couple who face fertility issues, you’ve probably spent some serious time looking for alternative solutions.

IVF is rarely the first choice for most couples, and is chosen only after they’ve tried other common fertility solutions which have lesser complications and are less expensive.

Fertility issues in women can lead to the lack of production of eggs in the ovaries or blockage in the Fallopian tube, which impedes the release of the eggs.

In many cases, the follicles fail to grow to the right size or the number of the eggs produced is too few.

Fertility issues in men refer to the problems in sperm production, or low sperm count in semen. Depending on the exact problem in a particular case, IVF may be a collective effort along with follicle stimulation, egg donation or artificial insemination.

IVF is a multistage process. Each step presents its own unique complications, so you should not be surprised to find that Artificial Insemination prices can range towards the higher end.

IVF is also considered to be “unethical” in several parts of the world, which often forces individuals to travel abroad for undertaking the treatment.

Health institutions and clinics which promise a higher IVF success rate tend to charge a hefty insemination fee.

However, there are several places wherein one can undergo the process of IVF treatment at cheaper prices without compromising on the quality and success rate of treatment.

The processes involved for insemination also determine the prices for Artificial Insemination

Four different processes are commonly used:

  1. Intra-cervical
  2. Intra-tubal
  3. Intra-uterine
  4. Intra-vaginal


And each process has its own cost considerations depending on:

  1. Precision and skill required
  2. Expertise of the medical staff
  3. Success rate of the process
  4. Number of trial runs made


Also, an artificial insemination process involving the semen from a donor could turn out to be more expensive than a normal case involving the semen of the partner. The process of finding the right donor, checking the semen type and sperm count and administering the same into cervix or uterus could increase the Artificial Insemination prices significantly.

Countries on the Asian continent like India, Malaysia, and Thailand can perform IVF with Artificial Insemination at far, far lower prices while still offering a good success rate.

For Europeans, there are countries like the Turkey, Greece and Cyprus are all able to offer all IVF treatments to those suffering with infertility issues.

If you are a US citizens, the American subcontinent is generally your best option – countries like Mexico, Barbados and Argentina do not consider IVF to be an ethical or religious issue, and offer a familiar background for settling down for an IVF procedure.

Which country you select will affect Artificial Insemination prices

Though countries in the Asian subcontinent can offer IVF treatment at some of the lowest prices, you may feel that it would be difficult to stay there throughout the entire process, and decide against it. Living in the European subcontinent or an American country may be preferable for you, but the expense for Artificial Insemination, along with other related costs could become a little higher.

Countries like India with a better health infrastructure and easily available labor can reduce the costs for Artificial Insemination, because of a combination of lower wages and the lack of monopolies ruling the cost of the medicines and health facilities required for treatment.

There are other countries which are medically advanced and efficient and can provide a low cost artificial insemination along with a persistently low risk factor.

If you are like many of the couples we help, the proposition of staying there for the artificial insemination process will probably feel very attractive, because of the higher safety ratio and the reduced cost burden.

The cost of the IVF treatment or artificial insemination is very rarely covered by health insurance policies, so the resulting cost would have to be borne by an individual on his or her own. Depending upon the choice of place, a single session of artificial insemination can cost you from $600 – $5000, inclusive of the prices of medicines and other check-up processes involved.

The lower expense range will apply to you if you are undergoing treatment overseas, while the costs can shoot up at a rapid pace if you get treatment in the US or in the wealthiest countries in Europe.

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