Affordable IVF Treatment

If you have been trying hopelessly to get pregnant for a long period of time, then chances are that you have been thinking about IVF treatment.

If so, you are definitely not alone.

9.3 million women in the US suffer from the same problem and experience huge emotional stress from their failure to conceive.

IVF treatment dramatically improves your chances of conception and many women all over the world have already experienced the joys of motherhood post this procedure.

But sadly many are forced to stay away from this wonderful formula due to one single reason – the incredibly high costs.

Yes, what doesn’t really work in favor of IVF is the prohibitive costs that are associated with it in the US.

If you are like most couples, you are not able to afford treatment out of your own pocket, and you’ve probably had three options you’ve been considering:

• Taking out a loan to pay for IVF
• Give up the hope for a child
• Look for low-cost alternatives

And probably none of these three options looks too appealing.

So what to do?

Well, there’s no reason to lose hope as affordable IVF is available in other countries.

People all across the world, of all ages and health conditions, are travelling to varied destinations around the world to get superior quality IVF treatment for a lot less than what is charged in the US.

Yes, affordable IVF is a reality, and we can help you arrange it.

Find out how much you can save by getting IVF Treatment abroad…


Why is IVF expensive?

Before discussing affordable IVF, let’s first get down to the fact why IVF is expensive in the first place.

Infertility may be due to several reasons, and the cause may either the male or the female partner.

In most cases IVF is the last option, when all other cheaper fertility options have failed. Why? Because it is a very expensive procedure in the US and can be a too dear cost to bear for many couples.

It is also expensive because it often has to be combined with other fertility options like Egg Donation, Artificial Insemination, Surrogacy and Genetic Screening, which add extra fees to the already costly procedure.

Cases of patients travelling abroad for cheaper IVF are nothing new, but we want to help make it more easy for couple who are desperate for a child to be able to afford treatment.

Incredibly, depending on where you are from, and where you travel to, it is possible to reduce the cost  by almost 70%.

The reality of affordable IVF

IVF costs vary hugely from one country to the other in view of not one, but many factors. An IVF cycle cost is made up of certain elements –

• Initial Consultation fee which constitutes 6%-10% of the basic cost of IVF
• Basic cost of IVF Treatment
• 28% to 40% of the cost is constituted of Intracytoplasmic sperm injection
• Cost of hormonal drugs to stimulate the ovaries
• Cost of embryo freezing, if required
• Cost of investigations like genetic screening or Immunological therapies can constitute 50% of the total fee
• A Regulatory Fee specific to the country in which the IVF is performed is also included within the basic expenses

Hormonal Drugs

Hormonal drugs can comprise up to a massive 80% of the basic cost, so price differences here can increase or decrease the total expenses considerably. The quantity that you require depend upon 3 things –

• Age
• Length of period of infertility
• The uterine lining condition

In some countries, the costs of such medications are less, so getting treatment there can unsurprisingly bring down the total expenses to a much lower level.

Regulatory Fees

The Regulatory Fee also varies from country to country and is cheaper at some places.

Other Factors

Other factors which contribute to the affordability of the treatment in these countries are-

• Low infrastructure costs
• Cheaper wage costs
• Lower tax rates
• In-built efficiency

It’s not surprising, then, that the prices of treatment vary so much from country to country…

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