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Your Questions Answered:

So why get IVF abroad?

Here are several very good reasons for you to consider treatment overseas:

The first, and most obvious, is the far-lower prices.

With a little research, you could reduce the costs of IVF by as much as 70%!

Or maybe your home country has ethical or religious objections to IVF treatment or some associated technologies.

(For example, if you want to get Preimplantation Genetic Screening (PGS) and are not able to get it in your own country, travel abroad for IVF may be your only option. Here, it may be more accurate to describe yourself as medical refugee instead of a medical tourist!)

Finally, you may be thinking of getting fertility treatment abroad because you don’t want to wait upwards of a year before the medical system will help you.

(And who could blame you? Many countries, including the US, have extremely long waiting lists…)

You realize that the clock is ticking, and every month’s wait is another month lost…

And you understand that the later you leave it, the lower the success rates

You’re not the Only Website Arranging IVF Treatment Abroad. What Makes You So Different?

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Unlike other sites, we are NOT affiliated with the clinics we introduce you to. This frees us up to give you good, old-fashioned impartial information. And if a clinic seems to be under-performing, there’s no obligation for us to continue working with them.

We’ll give you a real choice of destination options, so you can find clinics that are more convenient for you (Unlike other sites…)

Many of our competitors will try to get you on the phone, just so they can bend your ear until you submit to them and their limited-time offers that “are good for 24 hours, and then they’re gone!”

We’re not like that at all, and hate being “sold to” as much as you do!

We understand that if you are suffering from infertility, you deserve to be treated with sensitivity to your feelings.

Our Promise: No High Pressure Sales Tactics, just Sensible, Useful Advice.

The quotes we arrange for you really are free, and there is NO commitment on your part. The ball is completely in your court what you choose to do next…

So, what is a typical cost for IVF Treatment?

The cost of fertility treatment varies wildly from country to country, so an accurate answer to the cost of IVF treatment is difficult to give, as it all depends on where you live.

This means that you can compare the prices between countries, and choose a clinic in a country with a good reputation and high success rates while still offering much lower prices.

In the US, the average cost of IVF is around $16,000.

That’s between two times and four times the cost in countries such as India, Malaysia, Argentina, Mexico, Panama, Barbados, Peru and Columbia. Canada is also a popular choice, and you can save around a third of the cost of IVF, while remaining in a more-familiar, and English-speaking environment.

In Europe, the UK, Czech Republic, Germany, Greece, France, Belgium and Cyprus are all popular destinations for fertility treatment at a comparatively low cost, and just a little further afield, Turkey is proving to be an excellent choice.

Most UK residents are now travelling abroad to Turkey, Cyprus and Greece, and in Eastern Europe, the Czech Republic and Poland. Ukraine and Romania now also appear to be developing a high reputation for IVF at a much lower price.

We have a small number of destinations we work with, who all offer that perfect combination of low prices and excellent standards of treatment!

Why is IVF treatment so much cheaper in some countries?

There are a number of factors why IVF is often so much cheaper abroad. In some instances it is due to lower infrastructure costs and wage costs in one country compared to another.

Other countries are just more business-friendly, with lower rates of taxes, and an in-built efficiency, which helps drive down the cost of fertility treatments.

There is also an argument that in countries such as the US and the UK, costs for medicines and treatments are kept artificially high by monopolies.

Whether this is true or not, there’s no doubt that many medications are far cheaper in countries such as India, compared to identical ones in the US.

So, while cheap IVF is probably never going to happen, it’s pretty clear that you can get a much better deal by travelling to a different country…

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